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Merchant Star Ratings

Looking for great service? Wine-Searcher has your back.

Lots of websites let people write their own ratings of stores. We keep in mind that these are much more likely to represent how much one person liked the store, rather than the level of service on offer. Wine-Searcher ratings are based on daily calculations from the information we store in our database.

Online stores and merchants are rated by Wine-Searcher on a scale of 1 – 5, with five being our top trusted merchants. Poorly performing merchants lose stars until they reach our lower limit of one star. At that point, they are removed from Wine-Searcher.

How we rate


 Dependably Good




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Merchant star ratings are shown using green stars , whereas tasting note reviews are shown using yellow stars .

Trusted Star Ratings

Ratings are a data-driven measure of the customer experience a merchant provides, with a mix of factors counting towards an overall star rating. Every day, Wine-Searcher runs automatic software checks that can add or subtract points to a merchant’s score depending upon their response. A mystery shopping program also monitors how swiftly merchants respond to orders and ensures that merchants are able to supply the wines that they are listing.

The checks take into consideration:

  • Does the merchant have secure online ordering, a mobile-friendly website, and do they publish a full set of contact details including physical address, email and telephone number?
  • Does the store respond to customers within 24 hours?
  • How often is the store's price list updated?
  • Is stock is available for shipping within: 1-3 days, 4-7 days, or 7+ days.
  • If the products are not physically in stock, are they reliably sourced and shipped within the promised time frame?
  • How are delayed orders (where the actual shipping date is later than promised) handled by the store?
  • Positive and negative feedback from customers.

Wine-Searcher removes a merchant's listing for various reasons, including:

  • Website is offline.
  • Out-of-date price list.
  • Not responding to customers in a timely manner.
  • Bait-and-switch tactics after a customer places an order.
  • Repeat negative feedback on an order.

If you're a merchant or store looking to improve your star rating, take a look here.