Build an API to plug directly into data


Our API allows you to plug Wine?Searcher data directly into your website or application. Typical API consumers are wine apps, websites, blogs, market research companies and those specializing in wine investments, valuations and insurance. For any wine currently available in our database, the API can supply all kinds of information including retail suppliers, prices, scores and available vintages.

This page is intended for developers. More general information and pricing on the API can be found on the Use Our API page. Please contact us to apply for a trial API Key.

The API is a RESTful web service. Queries are passed via URLs constructed and submitted using the HTTP protocol (specifically the GET method), just like a web page. Results can be returned in either XML (default) or JSON format.

URL Encoding & Prohibited Characters

  • To minimise potential errors we suggest 8-bit characters to be encoded with percent encoding ('URL escaping').
  • Percent (%) and slash (/) symbols used in parameter values must be percent encoded otherwise requests will fail or produce unexpected results.
  • Parameter names and values are case-sensitive, excluding wine name which can be mixed case.


Parameters are case-sensitive, and are passed as querystrings to our base API URL. We have created a number of optional parameters, but for every API call two parameters are compulsory: api_key and winename.

API Outputs

The following describes the fields included in each of the result sets, starting with a list of the fields common to all.

Common fields across outputs:

Header fields:


0 - Success, wines found
1 - No matching wines were found
2 - Input values error
3 - Error, database timeout
4 - Invalid access code
5 - Exceeded Limit
6 - Access Denied
7 - Subscription Ended
8 - Keywords match multiple wines
10 - Can not access Price Check data / Marketplace data
99 - Unknown error


1. Price Check API

A list of product names matching your search phrase. The list is limited to those products currently available from merchants in our database. If vintage and location are specified in the parameters, the list will be further narrowed down by availability. We aim to return a single closest-match result.

2. Marketplace API

A list of wine offers (prices) matching your search criteria. Includes the merchant's name, price, location, contact details and URL.

If you have any further questions, contact us.

Merchant Terms of Use