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Market Data

The Market Data tab allows a more in depth look at how a wine's position in the market has changed over time. We track the average price, number of offers and the number of searches made for a particular wine over time. You can view the last two years of price, availability and popularity history, or the last five years if you are a Pro Version subscriber.

Here is an overview of how these charts are calculated:

Average Prices

A wine's average price is calculated from all available offers for a wine, with the top and bottom 20 percent removed. These average prices are updated daily, and exclude sales tax, which can vary considerably from country to country.

Average price is also used to calculate the most expensive wines on our Region and Grape Variety pages, and is used alongside average scores to calculate best value wines.

For more information on how Wine-Searcher's average price is calculated, please see the Average Prices page.


A wine's availability is measured by the number of merchants who have offers for the wine on Wine-Searcher.

Search Rank

Search Rank is a measure of a wine's 'popularity' on Wine-Searcher, i.e. how frequently it is searched for across all available vintages. Search Rank #1 is held by the most popular (searched-for) wine. The rankings are based on the millions of searches made on Wine-Searcher each year.

A wine's Search Rank is calculated based on how many times users have searched for it in the last month. We put this Search Rank to various uses, such as identifying the world's most 'popular' wines, and sorting by popularity the wine lists on our Region and Grape Variety pages. We also track changes to each wine's search rank over time. You can view this information on the Market Data tab when you search for a wine (for example, see Chateau Beychevelle).

Curious as to what is top of the heap? Take a look at Wine-Searcher's Most Searched-For Wines.

Average Score

A wine's average score is calculated from the mean of all collected scores for that wine, and adjusted for the 100-point scale. These scores are collated from a wide range of critics, from famous individual critics like Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson to publications like Wine Spectator.

Wine-Searcher's average score is calculated for specific vintages of a wine, as well as across all vintages.


Each wine's popularity, availability and price history is measured against a benchmark. This benchmark uses the average figure of wines that have the same region and grape variety as the wine in question.

For example, if you are looking at the price history for Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, you will also be shown the average price for all Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Napa Valley over the same time period.

The benchmark will only show if there are more than 10 wines with the same region and grape variety.