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Connect your brand to Wine-Searcher. Add a custom search box to your site to let customers know where they can find your wines. Or embed a link to search results and pricing or detailed information about grapes and regions.

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Custom Search Box

Add a Wine-Searcher custom search box to your website, wine blog or social media page. Custom Search boxes can be added to almost any webpage. You can create search boxes for specific wines or spirits, a brand or a particular region. You can choose different themes and sizes for the box, and you can link to any wine or spirit name in our wine database. The order results can be displayed in selectable formats, e.g. most popular, best value, most expensive or cheapest.

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Link to Wine-Searcher

Connecting to Wine-Searcher lets you enhance your app or website by linking to search results. Or link to one of our search URLs that will connect your readers to other useful information such as availability for sale, wine scores, regions, or grape knowledge.

Affiliates Scheme

The affiliate scheme is our way of offering a little financial support to those creating quality wine-related content on the web. Writers who enrich their content by linking to our wine search results can receive a small payment for referring visitors on to us. Affiliates are selected at our discretion. We choose to support websites making an obviously useful contribution to the wine world.

We are constantly monitoring where, and who, web traffic comes from. Once a good flow of traffic is established from your site to ours, we may contact you offering an affiliate agreement. Simply start using our data to support and enrich your content. The easiest approach, and probably the most useful to your readers, is to link to our search result pages (e.g. Dow's Vintage Port 2011).

If you have any further questions, contact us.

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