Valuations Certificates

Values certificates show average retail prices excluding tax and help to provide an authentic 'sell' value. Minimum and maximum prices are also provided for the currency and country or region of choice e.g. USA, Europe, UK, France, China, Hong Kong.

Wine-Searcher’s wine specialists match your inventory list from a global database of 10,699,988 wine and spirit offers and verify the identification and price history of the products in your list. Requirements: number of bottles or cases, size of cases, bottle sizes, specific vintages and any condition notes. An easy to complete template is here.

Valuations start at US$300 plus 39c per product.

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Benchmark your wine and spirit prices

Benchmark the price of your inventory against the average, minimum and maximum prices for the same product in your market. Or check prices in a different country as part of a market-entry strategy.

Already listing on Wine-Searcher? Then we’ll have many wines ready to check. Or send us a list of your inventory. Wine-Searcher’s auto-pricier report output is in xlsx format.

Pricing Reports start at US$500 plus US$100 per 1,000 products.

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Personal cellar valuations

If you are looking to value a personal cellar of under 25 wines, please use our Cellar Calculator. Or sign up to PRO to value a cellar of 250 items.

Looking to sell investment-grade wines? We recommend you contact a local Wine Broker or Wine Auctioneer. See also our Wine Investment Advice.

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