About Wine-Searcher Technology

Wine-Searcher Technology

Our specialist wine search technology consists of four key software components:

  • Our free mobile App for iPhone, Android & Amazon. See: Wine-Searcher App.

  • The website, built and hosted for us by Limitless. We run multiple Apache web servers attached to multiple Oracle database servers and a cluster of SOLR servers. These machines are based in the UK and provide the results for the many millions of searches we process each day. We also have a mobile optimized site for portable devices.

  • Spidering software (Wine-Searcherbot), which collects wine lists from our merchants' websites. We include price lists from wine merchants, retailers and wineries, and all price lists are updated three or more times a week on average. Our spidering software runs on cloud-based servers in the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Our wine knowledge database, to process wine lists and make them searchable by identifying and sorting bottle sizes, vintages and prices. The database also identifies the many ways in which a single wine might be named on merchants' wine lists. Our software allocates wines to the appropriate Region and Grape Variety, and attaches scores and ratings given by wine Critics and Competitions. We use the latter to generate best-buy wine Recommendations based on quality/price ratios.

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