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Boost your website and in-store sales with a sponsored listing

Sponsors appear ahead of other stores in search results

You can list your wines, beers and spirits on Wine-Searcher for free – but a Wine-Searcher sponsorship will put you on the front page.

Our search engine scans sponsor lists first for prices and availability.

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Monetize your wines and spirits

Connect directly with consumers who are looking to buy.

We'll add a 'Stay Safe. We're Delivering' banner with a link to your latest delivery details.

Sponsors get a personalized profile page on Wine-Searcher to set out discounts and minimum orders. A Special Offers feature highlights promo codes for up to 10 deals a month.

There is no limit - upper or lower - to the number of products you can list.

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Pay only for

Maximize your earnings and keep 100% of your sale.
Sponsorship uses pay-per-click with no additional commissions.

Price is determined by how many clicks you receive in a month.

No cancellation or early exit fee.
Start out with a fixed price plan for easy budgeting.

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Term Monthly6 months12 months
Discount -10%15%
Rate 40c/click + $60/month
Starter plan Price uses estimated clicks for first 6 months
Renewing plan Price uses actual clicks from previous months, with annual reviews
Click limit Max of 1 click per-type per-session/day to avoid click-fraud
Commission Zero commission % on sales
3 complimentary PRO accounts – great for price-checking
Banner ad 1 complimentary banner ad
First-time sponsorship plans

GO 75 $ 75 /mo $405 /6mo $765 /12mo

Up to 75 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

GO 250 $ 165 /mo $890 /6mo $1,680 /12mo

Up to 250 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

GO 750$ 295 /mo $1,550 /6mo $2,995 /12mo

Up to 750 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

GO 1500 $ 485 /mo $2,620 /6mo $4,950 /12mo

Up to 1500 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

GO 3000 $ 825 /mo $4,450 /6mo $8,395 /12mo

Up to 3000 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

GO 5000 $ 1,315 /mo $6,995 /6mo $12,950 /12mo

Up to 5000 products listed
3 complimentary PRO accounts

For more than 5000 products, please contact us.

Listings picked up daily

5am: Hong Kong

2pm: Los Angeles

5pm: New York

9pm: London

10pm: Paris


" Today, given how crowded the online marketplace has become, having a Wine-Searcher sponsorship is a key factor in developing significant traffic from the site. "

James Laurenti

If you have any further questions, contact us.

Sponsorship is available only to stores listed on Wine-Searcher for at least one month, with a current price list, and no consumer complaints. First-Time Sponsorship sales leads estimated on the size of your price list. Renewing sponsorship plans use actual clicks from previous months. Annual price reviews.

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