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Media Mentions

When a website lists wine prices from wine merchants around the world and provides a free encyclopedia of the world's wine regions and grapes, people talk.

Below are just a few of the compliments and media mentions Wine-Searcher has received over the past 15 years. They come from all kinds of sources, from the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times to The Good Web Guide and Wine Berserkers.

Florence Cathiard, Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte
"For classified Bordeaux wines, sold entirely through the ‘Place de Bordeaux’, it is quite precious to have Wine-Searcher: we finally know where and when we are sold."
February 2018

Elin McCoy, Bloomberg
"...One of the internet's most useful wine websites and my go-to reference for price comparisons (spirits and beer, too)."
September 2016

Terry Xu, Decanter
"The [Wine-Searcher] app combines a comprehensive wine database with global stockist pricing information, thereby offering an efficient solution to consumers' price comparison needs."
August 2016

The Oxford Companion to Wine, 4th Edition
"Price comparison websites such as Wine-Searcher.com have revolutionized wine retailing and encouraged fair pricing on a global scale."
September 2015

Will Lyons, Wall Street Journal
"By tracking the lists of thousands of wine merchants, [Wine-Searcher] provides a reliable database for buying wine. But where it really excels is in price comparison and helping you navigate the best places to buy a particular bottle."
January 2015

Nick Martin, Financial Times
"Transparency in the wine market has been growing over the past decade since the launch of price comparison website Wine-Searcher – the Google of wine."
December 2014

Alder Yarrow, Vinography
"There is no better tool than Wine-Searcher.com. This web site offers the world's most comprehensive database of wines available for sale online. It's best to think of Wine-Searcher as Google for wine retailers."
November 2014

The Good Web Guide
"Wine-Searcher is a very neat and extremely useful service. There's no doubt this represents a fantastic resource for the specialist wine lover or collector."
July 2014

Eric Asimov
"I highly recommend Wine-Searcher.com, which can help track down bottles all over the world. You can use it free, but I've found the Pro Version, requiring a modest annual fee, to be more effective."
11 February 2014

New York Times
"Whether you're looking for something as ubiquitous as Mouton Cadet Bordeaux or something as rare as a Riesling TBA from Egon Müller in Germany, Wine-Searcher will point you to the right place and show you the prices."
01 February 2013

Wine Berserkers
"Man, wait until you find out about wine-searcher.com."
10 January 2013

Wine for Dummies
"This site is indispensable to us. You can use it to compare prices and to find the most suitable store for purchasing the wine you want."
Fifth edition, August 2012

Jancis Robinson, Financial Times
"Thanks to Wine-Searcher.com, the most successful (and seriously useful) price comparison website, everyone should now be paying the right price for the wines they buy."
15 June 2012

GQ Magazine
"Learn to use the World Wine Web. Looking for that killer Menetou-Salon you drank at someone's party? Wine-Searcher will tell you exactly where to find it, and where to find it cheap."
October 2011

"With a few taps of the keyboard, even the most touted ones can still be found. I would suggest checking with Wine-Searcher.com."
11 February 2011

"Wine-Searcher's strength is in listing dozens, sometimes hundreds, of wine offers in ascending price order, allowing complete transparency of pricing."
September 2010

Los Angeles Times
"A single website, the search engine Wine-Searcher.com, has done more to transform that commercial landscape than any other, affecting every facet of the way the wine business is conducted."
12 August 2010

National Business Review
"Wine-Searcher is an online search engine that will pretty much tell you all you need to know about any wine in the world."
April 2010

Business Week
"Consumers can go to Wine-Searcher.com and compare prices for the same wine not just around the U.S., but in the U.K., Germany, and other countries."
7 January 2010

Los Angeles Times
"For a quick way to research which stores in California stock a particular wine, check Wine-Searcher.com."
10 September 2008

Wall Street Journal
"Use an iPhone or BlackBerry to pull up Wine-Searcher.com when studying a wine list. Industry insiders routinely use that site to find retail prices."
15 August 2008

The Motley Fool
"Before you invest in any wine, check the price independently to make sure you're not being ripped off. Wine-Searcher is a great website for locating and pricing different wines."
18 June 2008

The Seattle Times
"The best general-use, wine-buying engine I've found is Wine-Searcher.com. This is a search engine whose database includes retail wine stores, wine auctions, price lists and catalogs from all over the country."
21 May 2008

The Times (UK)
"As usual with bin-end bottles, follow your own nose and tastebuds and not the merchants' hype. Checking out the small print is essential, as is the website Wine-Searcher.com, which lists wines, current prices and stockists."
12 January 2008

New York Sun
"Although Wine-Searcher.com is still largely unknown among everyday wine shoppers, it is the secret agent of avid wine buyers trawling for either the best price or a hard-to-find producer or vintage."
8 August 2007

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"...Wine-Searcher is an indispensable tool for online searches of retail inventories throughout the country."
10 April 2007

Time Magazine
"Just a few clicks of the mouse can locate that great wine you had with dinner at the new restaurant downtown. In fact, this site allows you to check the availability and compare the prices of hundreds of thousands of wines from more than 8,000 participating merchants."
19 January 2007

TCS Daily
"Wine-Searcher is the shopping Google of online wine sites, listing inventory from over 7600 wine stores around the world. If you can't find it here, it probably can't be had online."
11 July 2006

The Washington Post
"In the case of wines, there are tools that can help you to find what you are looking for. On the internet, Wine-Searcher.com automatically searches the web sites of retail shops in the United States and elsewhere."
October 2005

The Independent
"Thanks to Wine-Searcher.com I found the best price for a case of Chateau de Beaucastel 2001... [it] provides price transparency of a kind that never existed before."
April 2005

USA Today
"...good source of information about wine prices and availability. Also provides information on wine futures, storage and insurance."
July 2004

The Spectator
"Just a cursory look at Wine-Searcher.com, a very useful site that gives prices of fine wine around the world, will show that there can be a big variation in the price of the same wine from legitimate brokers."
October 2003

Jancis Robinson, MW
"The easiest and most effective of the wine search engines... there are other, similar wine search engines but none as global or effective."
July 2003

Wine Magazine
"Given the sort of money Wine-Searcher can save you, it should be a must for any serious investor."
May 2003

"Wine-Searcher is truly trans-global... a whole column could be devoted to the clever technology developed to run Wine-Searcher."
March 2003

Wine & Spirit International
"Wine-Searcher is comprehensive, professional, and user-friendly... the value of this site cannot be underestimated."
August 2001

The Quarterly Review of Wines
"The best example on the Internet of this new consumer control is Wine-Searcher, a web site every wine consumer should bookmark... [it is] an indispensable tool for any tech-savvy wine lover and the best use of internet technology by any wine dot com"
Spring 2001


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