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Wine-Searcher Retailer Awards

Recognizing the best

Wine-Searcher's Retailer Awards aim to reward stores with truly excellent price lists, put together by great wine buyers and their teams. The awards recognize both wine and spirit lists. To win an award, a store must demonstrate their price list has:

  • A wide range of high-quality wines or spirits based on critic scores.
  • Significant depth and breadth across regions.
  • Consistency throughout the year.

There are 32855 stores listed on Wine-Searcher's global database, and our Retailer Awards strive to acknowledge the very best price lists in both wines and spirits from independent stores.

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Winning formula

Every month, Wine-Searcher takes a snapshot of the wines and spirits that stores carry in stock.

  • At least 1% of a store's inventory must be dedicated to the award category. For example, to be eligible for the 'Best Bordeaux' award, a store with 2500 wines must stock at least 25 from the Bordeaux region.
  • Holding a Wine-Searcher Merchant Star Rating of four stars or more.
  • Be listed on Wine-Searcher for a year or more with no complaints.
  • Each wine or spirit must has an aggregated critic score of 80 points or more.
  • Compete with other eligible stores in the same location–it's a competition after all.
  • Auction houses, producers, wholesalers, brokers and duty free stores are not eligible.

Wine awards

Wine lists are awarded on how well they represent specific wine regions.

There is an overall category to award the best lists across all regions.


Spirit awards

Spirit lists are awarded on how well they represent specific spirit categories.

Find a winning store

To see the full list of medal-winners, please view the Retailer Awards Results.

Medals can also be seen on winners' profile pages, simply search for a store.


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