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Gain market insights from the largest price and location data set in the wines & spirits industry.

Data you can trust

Wine professionals trust our independence and our leading position in online wine data to make efficient decisions, because our reports tell them what they need to know.

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Market insight into offer & demand

Find market opportunities with the analysis of all searches and offers in any country or US state - millions of them.

Know what consumers search for and what stores have to sell - colors, regions of production, grape varieties, and price categories of your choice.

Pdf report with charts to facilitate presentation and xlsx files with charts and all source data tables.

US$ 1,500 per report.

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Distribution Survey

Track all current online offers for all products of any producer, winery or brand worldwide by vintage, store, country, US state, city/region, local price and price excl. tax in any other currency, with links to the wine offer page on Wine Searcher and to the stores' websites.

US$ 250 up to 1,000 offers, plus US$ 100 per extra 1,000 offers. One bottle size: default 750ml.

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Market intelligence for wine regions

Measure your wines’ international reach, anticipate market opportunities, follow the results of your promotions to improve the distribution of your wines, grow market share and opening up new markets.

  • How many searches and offers are there for your wines globally? And where?
  • What are the most searched for and offered regions, grape variety and prices in these markets?
  • What is the price distribution of searches and offers for your wines in your key markets?
  • Which of your wines are in demand and how are they offered in your key markets?
  • How many stores are selling your wines in your markets? How many offers in each store?
  • What’s the seasonality of searches and offers for your wines by color/style?
  • Were searches for your wines impacted by a certain event in a market?

Address your strategic goals with reports of your own design extracted from our multi layer reporting possibilities on current and trend data across millions of searches and offers.

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