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Maine is a state in the far north-eastern corner of the United States. Its limits are formed by the Atlantic Ocean, the international border with Canada, and the state border with neighboring New Hampshire. The state covers just over 35,300 square miles (90,500 sq km) of craggy coastline, low, undulating coastal ranges and the dense forests. The latter take up a sizeable area at its centre.

Despite the cold climate and challenging terroir here, a small but ever-growing wine industry is building up. The Maine Wine Trail links the cellar doors of around 20 wineries plus breweries, cidermakers and mead producers.

Hilltop vineyards in Maine
?Cellardoor Winery

The industry here is focused on making fruit wines (i.e. fruits other than grapes). The climate – and the natural leaning towards fruit-based agriculture – has led local winemakers to capitalize on apple wines, cranberry, raspberry and particularly blueberry wines. Despite this, growers are experimenting with the hybrid varieties that are specifically bred for their ability to withstand cold. Plantings of Frontenac, Marechal Foch, Saint-Croix and Edelweiss are beginning to grace the vineyards of Maine.

At present, Maine has no American Viticultural Areas save for the generic state appellation. The state's wine industry is supplemented by grapes brought in from New York, California and even Canada.

Maine's wine production is concentrated along the coastline, where the Atlantic Ocean offers opportunities for temperature moderation. The Atlantic Gulf Stream, an oceanic current that brings warm equatorial waters up the eastern coast, has a small effect on the maritime climate of Maine. Here, the winters are slightly warmer and the summers slightly cooler than more-inland parts of the state, making it suitable (if not perfect) for viticulture.

A handful of vineyards are located on the low rolling hills in these coastal areas where cold air cannot pool. This protects the vines from spring frosts. However, the short growing season and cooler temperatures make ripening a challenge in some years. Wines made in Maine often undergo chaptalization to increase their potential alcohol levels.

Maine also has a fast-growing craft brewing industry. As of 2018 there were around 100 breweries in operation, up from 43 in 2012. There are around a dozen distilleries in the state.

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Most Popular Maine Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Bluet Wild Blueberry Sparkling, Maine, USA Flavored - Spiced - Fruit Wine 3,980th $16
Maine Craft Distilling Blueshine Lemonade, Maine, USA Premixed Drinks 17,805th $12
Atlantic Brewing Company Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 33,148th 79 $4
Shipyard Brewing Co. Pumpkinhead Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 45,721st 86 $4
Maine Beer Company 'Lunch' India Pale Ale Beer, USA Beer 49,192nd $11
Oyster River Winegrowers 'Morphos' Petillant Naturel, Maine, USA Rare White Blend 50,108th 88 $19
Maine Craft Distilling Blueshine Blueberry Liqueur, Maine, USA Liqueur - Fruit 79,406th $40
Bimini Gin, Maine, USA Gin 87,532nd 89 $31
Allagash White Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 90,667th 91 $4
Fred's Pumpkinhead Spirit, Maine, USA Whiskey - Liqueur - Flavored 94,003rd $25
Wiggly Bridge Distillery Small Barrel Bourbon Whisky, Maine, USA Whiskey - Bourbon 101,466th $53
Maine Distilleries Cold River Potato Vodka, Maine, USA Vodka 101,466th 98 $41
Nuyens Wisniowka Liqueur, Maine, USA Liqueur - Fruit 105,700th $14
Sea Dog Brewing Company Blue Paw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 110,358th $4
Bar Harbor Brewing Company Cadillac Mountain Stout Beer, Maine, USA Beer 110,358th $4
Sea Dog Brewing Company Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, Maine, USA Hard Seltzer 115,347th $3
Shipyard Brewing Co. TeaBrew Fireberry Beer, Maine, USA Beer 121,006th $4
Allagash Curieux Barrel Aged Beer, Maine, USA Beer 127,207th 95 $14
Oyster River Winegrowers 'Morphos Rose' Petillant Naturel, Maine, USA Rare Rose Blend 127,207th $22
Maine Beer Company 'MO' Pale Ale Beer, USA Beer 141,622nd $11
Sea Dog Brewing Company Sunfish Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 141,622nd $3
Shipyard Brewing Co. Pugsley's Signature Series Smashed Pumpkin Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 141,622nd $5
Maine Beer Company 'Zoe' Amber Ale Beer, USA Beer 141,622nd 93 $11
Maine Craft Distilling Maine Mule Rum & Ginger, Maine, USA Premixed Drinks 141,622nd $7
Atlantic Brewing Company Bar Harbor Real Ale Beer, Maine, USA Beer 150,299th $4
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