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The Azores (Acores in Portuguese) are a volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, located approximately 1000 miles (1600km) west of Portugal. It is far from being the most famous region in the country, and the wine industry here mainly relies on local consumption. Verdelho is the mainstay of viticulture on the Azores, although Arinto, Fernao Pires and Terrantez (Folgosao) are also grown on the islands.

The volcanic peak of Monte Pico

The nine islands that make up the Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal, and are covered by the Acores VR (Vinho Regional) title, Portugal's equivalent of IGP or PGI. Three of the islands have their own independent IPR (Indicacao de Proveniencia Regulamentada) denomination: Biscoitos, Gracisoa and Pico, where the famous 7715ft (2350m) Monte Pico stratovolcano rises out of the ocean.

As might be expected from a sub-tropical wine region (the islands straddle the 38th parallel) with an oceanic climate, winemaking traditions lean strongly towards fortified wine styles. With low diurnal temperature variation and equally low seasonal distinctions (the average January high of 16C/60F rises only slightly to 25C/76F in August), the Azorean climate makes it hard to achieve full phenolic ripeness in wine grapes without losing acidity and freshness. Fortification has proven a popular remedy to the viticultural challenges faced by the islands' wine producers. Portugal's most famous island, Madeira, lies roughly 700 miles (1125km) southeast of Pico Island and has set the style for Azorean wine.

Approximately 250,000 people live on the Azores, more than half on Sao Miguel, the largest of the nine main islands. The smallest island, Corvo, supports a population of less than 500 on its seven square miles, and produces no wine. Corvo is separated from Santa Maria, the most easterly of the islands, by 375 miles (600km) and lies almost as close to the American continent as it does to Europe. From the islands between these two extremities comes almost all Azores wines.

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Most Popular Azores Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Jose Duarte Garcia Czar, Pico, Portugal Portuguese White Blend 24,680th $97
Azores Wine Co. Arinto dos Acores, Pico, Portugal Arinto (Pederna) 30,552nd 90 $24
Azores Wine Co. 'Isabella a Proibida', Pico, Portugal Isabella 32,351st $33
Azores Wine Co. Volcanic Series 'Rose Vulcanico', Azores, Portugal Rare Rose Blend 35,982nd 88 $15
Queen of the Islands 'Arroz Doce' Licor, Azores, Portugal Liqueur 36,870th $16
Frei Gigante Branco, Vinho Regional Acores, Portugal Rare White Blend 42,878th 87 $21
Azores Wine Co. Volcanic Series 'Tinto Vulcanico', Azores, Portugal Rare Red Blend 56,224th $17
Azores Wine Co. Terrantez do Pico, Acores, Portugal Terrantez 60,962nd 89 $50
Curral Atlantis Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon, Vinho Regional Azores, Portugal Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot 66,474th $11
Azores Wine Co. Volcanic Series 'Branco Vulcanico', Azores, Portugal Rare White Blend 69,687th $24
Terras de Lava Terroir Vulcanico Tinto, Azores, Portugal Rare Red Blend 75,025th $12
Lajido Licoroso Seco, Pico, Portugal Portuguese White Blend 105,255th $41
Azores Wine Co. Verdelho o Original Pico, Azores, Portugal Verdelho 109,281st 89 $27
Azores Wine Co. Arinto dos Acores Sur Lies, Pico, Portugal Arinto (Pederna) 109,281st 89 $37
Curral Atlantis Colheita Selecionada Arinto, Vinho Regional Azores, Portugal Arinto (Pederna) 123,481st 87 $28
Muros de Magma, Biscoitos, Portugal Verdelho 129,152nd $35
Azores Wine Co. Vinha Centenaria Branco, Pico, Portugal Portuguese White Blend 142,683rd $84
Adega do Vulcao 'Ameixambar' Colheita Selecionada Arinto, Azores, Portugal Arinto (Pederna) 159,599th $32
Azores Wine Co. Saborzinho Tinto, Azores, Portugal Portuguese Red Blend 169,898th $72
Azores Wine Co. Verdelho o Original, Azores, Portugal Verdelho 169,898th $25
Terras de Lava Terroir Vulcanico Branco, Azores, Portugal Rare White Blend 181,914th 86 $12
Terras de Lava Terroir Vulcanico Reserva, Azores, Portugal Cabernet Franc - Cabernet Sauvignon 181,914th $19
Ezequiel Licor de Ananas dos Azores, Portugal Liqueur - Fruit 181,914th $17
Casa Agricola Brum 'Donatario' Vinho de Mesa Branco, Biscoitos, Portugal Verdelho 181,914th $20
Curral Atlantis Syrah, Vinho Regional Azores, Portugal Syrah 196,408th $11
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