Help with Searches

The help below is specifically about wine searches.

Wine Name

  • Enter the name of the wine you're searching for. Include the region/country of origin to narrow down the results. Compare Tribute vs. Tribute USA.
  • To exclude a word from your search, type 'not' before it (e.g. Leflaive not Olivier).


  • Use 4-digit numbers.
  • 'NV' for non-vintage.
  • Leave blank for all available vintages.

Search Mode

  • 'Prices & Stores' returns all merchant offers for a single product result. If no single match is found, a list of likely matches appears on the left-hand side.
  • 'Closest Matches' allows you to pick the exact wine you're looking for, from a list of wines closely matching your search.
  • 'Exclude Auctions' excludes auction listings from search results.
  • 'Auctions Only' focuses the search exclusively on auctions.

Bottle Size (PRO only)

  • All: bottles and cases of all sizes.
  • Bottles: 750ml bottles, or those with no specified size.
  • Halves: 375ml bottles only.
  • Magnums/D-Magnums: Magnums and Double Magnums only.
  • Cases: typically cases of 6 or 12 bottles, but covers all case sizes.
  • Others: all other sizes, and results without a specified bottle/case size.

Price History (PRO only)

  • See wine prices as they were months or years ago.

Min/Max Price (PRO only)

  • Stipulate a price range for your search.
  • Combine with a Wine Alert, to find out when a wine becomes available below/above a certain price.


  • To change currency, click 'Currency' at the top right-hand side of search results.

Wine Alerts

  • Wine not available today? A Wine Alert will notify you when it is.
  • When a search returns no results, the Wine Alert box appears at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address and click 'Wine Alert'. We will email you when the wine becomes available.


  • Cookies must be enabled for PRO searches. Cookies are also recommended when using the free version of Wine-Searcher.