Discover The World's Top 50 Most Expensive Wines

The most expensive wines of the world

Welcome to our list of the world's most expensive wines, based on average prices gleaned over several vintages. Each key wine nation has its own individual list (see menu). Also worth a look are the astronomical prices of the Most Expensive Whiskies.

Lists last updated: 2nd December 2020

The list is based on the average price of a standard bottle (750ml). To be included in the list, a wine must have at least 5 offers spanning at least four vintages (two of which must have been in the last 10 years). Wine styles that are not typically released on a year-by-year basis are excluded from this rule - this includes Champagne, Madeira, Port, Vin Santo, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswein. Special bottlings - such as the Penfolds Ampoule - are also excluded from the list.

Information is drawn from our database of price lists, totaling wine offers.

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