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We're about wine and technology

Wine-Searcher is an online search and price comparison engine for the world's wine, beer and spirits. Thanks to our seriously smart tech, we match together retailers price lists with people who are looking to buy.

We provide fast, accurate and complete price and location data of the world's online wine, spirits and beer. We help wine retailers build thriving businesses by sending traffic to their websites from our website, app and chatbot.

We have been running for 20 years and are constantly thinking about the future of digital retail. We have teams on data, AI, machine learning, image recognition, search, recommendations, daily wine news and encyclopaedic content. We're here for the long haul - reimagining how wine will be bought in the future.

We have a talented 60 person international crew based mostly in Auckland, New Zealand.

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"It's best to think of Wine-Searcher as Google for wine retailers."
Alder Yarrow
"Wine-Searcher can help track down bottles all over the world."
Eric Asimov
"Transparency in the wine market has been growing over the past decade since the launch of price comparison website Wine-Searcher – the Google of wine."
Nick Martin, Financial Times
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High Standard

As a leading technology company, we are looking for people who know how to push boundaries and at the same time keep up high standards of accuracy, speed and completeness.

Innovative Solutions

Wine-Searcher is always researching and pushing innovations that keep our products up to date. The development work is at the forefront.

work at Wine-Searcher intro
work at Wine-Searcher intro
Work-Life Balance

Unusually for an international tech company we keep regular office hours. We believe it is important for people to follow their other passions and be able to easily manage their home life.

And for those of you who love wine – our Friday night tastings are legendary.

Sorry, we have no current vacancies.
If you have any further questions, contact us.