For Wine Collectors

For Wine Collectors

Global demand for fine wine has increased significantly over the past few decades. Wine is no longer just an object of enjoyment - it is now considered a serious investment commodity. Only a tiny fraction of the world's wines increase in financial value over time, however. Below are some tips for seeking out the best investment wines.

Wine Investment Essentials

  1. Learn which factors affect?Wine Prices
  2. Store the wine correctly. See?Wine Storage Advice
  3. Focus on top wines from top vintages. See?Recommended Investment Wines
  4. Take advice from reputable retailers and consider the top critics'?Wine Scores

Helpful Wine Investment Advice

Other Useful Pages for Wine Collectors

  • Understand the different?Wine Terms?merchants use to sell wines
  • Get a broad insight into labeling conventions and wine laws from around the world. See?Wine Labels
  • For help deciding what offer to go for, have a look at how we calculate our?Merchant and Winery Ratings

Much of the information above is useful whether you're buying wines for enjoyment or as an investment. And whatever your situation, it's always useful to know which are the world's?Most Expensive Wines?and?Best Value Wines.