For Wine Collectors Wine Insurance

Wine Insurance

For serious wine collectors and investors, wine insurance is a serious consideration. For those using professional wine storage facilities, insurance is probably built in as part of the service, but if you store your wine privately, you'll need to arrange insurance yourself. There are a number of wine insurance specialists who can help you, a few of whom are listed below.

Small or inexpensive collections can often be insured under a homeowner's policy, particularly if the wine is for private consumption. Larger collections require a stand-alone 'valuable articles' policy, which provides broader coverage than a home policy. You can insure a collection up to a certain cover-all value (say $25,000), but for larger collections which include high-value bottles (say $500+), it makes sense to work on an itemized basis, bottle by bottle.

Stand-alone wine policies cost about 40 - 50 cents for every $100 worth of wine. If your wine collection is worth $100,000, your annual insurance premium will come to around $450.

Specialist Wine Insurers

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