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Juhfark Wine

A Juhfark wine label

Juhfark is Hungarian white wine grape variety that is usually blended with other indigenous grapes to produce off-dry white wine. The name Juhfark, meaning sheep's tail, refers to the vine's distinctive, dangling grape clusters that are considerably longer than they are wide.

Jurfark is primarily grown in the Somló region of northwest Hungary. There the volcanic soils help Juhfark wines take on strong mineral flavors, backed by good acidity and secondary notes of citrus blossom.

The wines are not overly fruity, but are instead rich and occasionally salty. The best examples can easily age for five or more years.

Synonyms include: Bacso, Ihrfarku, Boros, Tarpai, Oveji Rep.

Food matches for Juhfark include:

  • T?ltott tojás (warm deviled eggs baked in sour cream)
  • Feta and broad beans on toast
  • Glass noodles with tofu and cilantro
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