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Juan Garcia Wine

Deeply colored Juan Garcia cluster

Juan García is a red Spanish wine grape variety native to the Arribes (Fermoselle) region, near the Portuguese border. In central Spain the variety is more commonly blended with other red grapes, notably Tempranillo.

The variety is often grown in bush vines in Arribes, usually alongside other varieties. These mixed vineyards can make producing strictly varietal Juan García challenging. However local laws permit small additions of other local grapes like Brunal and Rufete to constitute the balance.

One of the most striking features of Juan García is the brilliant color of its berries which, when fully ripe, are bright purple. They are used to produce light- to medium-bodied and strongly perfumed wine.

Synonyms include: Negreda.

Food matches for Juan García include:

  • Chickpeas with spinach
  • Crumbed beef milanesa
  • Lamb koftas with raisin and red-onion salad
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