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Joubertin Wine

Joubertin is an obscure red-wine grape from Savoie, eastern France. It is still permitted in Vin de Savoie appellation blends but has largely fallen from favor and is likely near to extinction. There may also be a tiny number of vines in Argentina.

The variety is very productive and produces high yields. It also can be used to contribute color to blends. However the berries lack distinctive flavor.

The grape was identified in 1835 by the winegrower after whom it is named, at La Claye, near Grenoble. It was widely planted in Savoie, and also used in Burgundy, until the phylloxera disaster in the 1870s. DNA analysis carried out in 2013 it is probably a natural cross of the Persan and Peloursin varieties.

Synonyms include: Jaubertin, Pinot Joubertin, Plant d'Aix, Plant de la Claye, Plant de la Mure

Food matches for Joubertin include:

  • Pigeon breasts in red wine sauce
  • Roasted rabbit
  • Ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce

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