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Jurancon Noir (Folle Noire) Wine

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Jurancon Noir is an relatively rare French grape variety used in the production of various IGP reds and rosés. It is grown throughout southwestern France, in particular Lavilledieu, Estaing and Entraygues - Le Fel. Confusingly, Jurancon Noir is not grown in the Jurancon wine region, and bears no relation to Jurancon Blanc.

The variety is a natural crossing of Folle Blanche and Malbec, and makes early-drinking wines that are light bodied and low in color with undistinguished flavors, as well as rosé wines that are crisp and fruity. In Bellet, Provence, Jurançon Noir is known as Fuella Nera and used to make rosé wines in a Franco-Italian style. However, the variety's most famous expression is made near the town of Cahors by winemaker Fabian Jouves. This varietal Jurancon Noir is called "You F**k My Wine" in protest of the Cahors AOC laws, which exclude the variety. The wine instead falls under the generic Vin de France category.

In the mid-20th Century, Jurancon Noir was relatively widely grown in France, but by the turn of the new century the total acreage planted had fallen to around one-tenth of its heyday. Jurancon Noir vines are high yielding, but need care and attention in the vineyards, as they are prone to mildew and sensitive to drought conditions.

Synonyms include: Folle Noir, Fuella Noir.

Food matches for Jurançon Noir include:

  • Prosciutto and rockmelon (rosé)
  • Warm smoked salmon with capers (rosé)
  • Barbecued lamb chops (red)

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