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Zilavka Wine

A Zilavka wine label

?ilavka is a light-skinned grape variety planted in the southern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. It is noted for its high levels of natural acidity and potential alcohol, traits that are particularly desirable for the production of brandies and other grape-derived spirits. ?ilavka grapes also offer Bosnian brandy producers a rich, nutty flavor, which is present in the young wines and becomes more pronounced with age.

?ilavka from the vineyards between the Adriatic coast and the city of Mostar (the largest in Herzegovina) is used to create Bosnia-Herzegovina's most prestigious wines. Although it is rarely produced as a pure varietal wine, it has a relatively consistent style of its own.

?ilavka has also made its way across the mountains of modern-day Montenegro and Kosovo to reach North Macedonia and even the northern reaches of Greece.

Synonyms include: Mostarska, Zhelavka Biella.

Food pairings for ?ilavka include:

  • Spinach and cheese pie
  • Roasted vegetables with fennel seeds
  • Gorgonzola dolce (brandy)
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