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Zenit is a rare white-wine variety developed in 1951 by prolific Hungarian viticulturist Dr. Ferenc Kiraly, who crossed Ezerj√≥ , a local variety, with Bouvier, a grape cultivated in modern-day Slovenia. Today, this versatile variety is found predominantly in Hungary in the Balatonfured-Csopak and Sopron regions. 

Zenit produces medium- to large-sized bunches of black-spotted grapes. It usually ripens early in the season and has crisp acid and high sugar levels.

The grape is also ideal for off-dry as well as sweet late-harvest wines, as it raisinates (dries and shrivels) readily.

Zenit dry whites are often crisp, floral and fruity, with lemon, lime and apple flavors. Off-dry wines exhibit these same citrus characters but have a softer mouthfeel.

A strong and distinctive mineral character will often show. Late-harvest wines show lychee and dried-apricot flavors along with the same salty or mineral character.

Ferenc's roster of other crossings include Zefir and Zeta, as well as Zenit's sister varieties (crossed from the same parents): Zengo and Zeusz.

Synonyms include: Badacsony 7

Food pairings for Zenit wines include:

  • P?rk?lt (Hungarian pork stew with paprika, marjoram and thyme)
  • Stir-fried chicken with ginger
  • Lemon meringue pie (sweet Zenit)
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Most Popular Zenit Wine

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Tornai 'Mineraux' Zenit, Somlo, Hungary Somlo 268,109th $8
Szaszi Birtok Zenit, Balaton-Felvidek, Hungary Hungary 268,109th $6

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