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Welschriesling is a white-wine grape variety grown throughout central and eastern Europe. It is mostly notorious for its neutrality, as it makes largely light, uninteresting white wines with high acidity. However, Welschriesling comes into its own in the area of Neusiedlersee in southeast Austria, where it makes lusciously sweet and textured Trockenbeerenauslese wines.

Welschriesling covers vineyard land in Hungary, Northern Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, and Slovakia, as well as in Austria. The origin of the variety is the center of much debate: despite its name it is completely unrelated to the great German grape Riesling. "Welsch" means "foreign" in German, which likely rules out a Germanic origin, and another synonym, Riesling Italico, suggests that Italy might be the variety's home, although this has also been widely disputed. Many experts believe that Welschriesling's home is in fact Croatia, where it is known as Grasevina and is one of the country's most planted grape varieties.

Welschriesling Grapes

The variety is relatively easy to grow, although it does have a preference for dry climates and warm soils. Welschriesling is productive and retains its acidity in warmer climates, making it a reliable grape for growers. In most cases this will result in a light, fairly neutral wine, but in the warm, humid vineyards surrounding Lake Neusiedl, the noble rot botrytis can form, leading to the grape's finest expression. Here, Welchriesling is often blended with Chardonnay to give weight to the wines.

Welschriesling's success in Austria has lead to experimentation around the world, and many late harvest examples are now made.

Synonyms include: Riesling Italico, Grasevina, Grassica, Laski Rizling, Banat Riesling, Olaszrizling, Riesler, Vojvodina, Wälschriesling, Welschrizling, Welsch Rizling, Borba.

Food matches for Welschriesling include:

  • Dalmatian seafood stew (brodet) (dry)
  • Lemon pound cake (sweet)
  • Lime sorbet (sweet)
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Most Popular Welschriesling Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher Kollektion Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 12,288th 94 $101
Kutjevo Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 30,771st 88 $10
Kutjevo 'De Gotho' Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 32,756th 88 $12
Vina Belje 'Kvalitetno' Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 33,152nd 89 $6
Ilocki Podrumi Selected-Kvalitetno Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 66,833rd 87 $14
Weingut Werlitsch Welschriesling vom Opok, Steiermark, Austria Steiermark 77,782nd 89 $30
Mikrosvin Mikulov Ryzlink Vlassky, Moravia, Czech Republic Moravia 80,417th 89 $12
Krauthaker Grasevina Mitrovac, Kutjevo, Croatia Croatia 86,221st 89 $12
Zantho Welschriesling, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 86,221st 88 $15
Enjingi Grasevina, Kutjevo, Croatia Croatia 89,512th 88 $17
Straka Welschriesling, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 93,172nd 88 $12
Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery 'Tomi Cuvee' Noble d'Or, Yamanashi, Japan Yamanashi 93,172nd $451
Strekov 1075 Nigori, Slovakia Slovakia 93,172nd $44
Vina Belje 'Goldberg' Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 97,011th 89 $19
Weinbau Uwe Schiefer Weisser Schiefer, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 101,375th 89 $19
Weinlaubenhof Alois Kracher Welschriesling Trocken, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 101,375th 89 $11
Krutzler Deutsch-Schutzen Welschriesling Trocken, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 105,962nd 88 $7
Szigeti Klassik Welschriesling Brut, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 105,962nd 88 $14
Vinarija Daruvar Grasevina, Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia Kontinentalna Hrvatska 111,082nd $12
Krauthaker Grasevina, Kutjevo, Croatia Croatia 111,082nd 88 $15
Weingut Velich Welschriesling Trockenbeerenauslese, Burgenland, Austria Burgenland 116,622nd 92 $98
Galic Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 116,622nd 87 $10
Chateau Changyu Moser XV Italian Riesling, Ningxia, China Ningxia 122,973rd $14
Josic 'Terra Panonium' Superior Grasevina, Baranja, Croatia Croatia 130,160th $10
Feravino Dika Grasevina, Croatia Croatia 130,160th 88 $7
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