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Touriga Nacional is a dark-skinned grape variety that is currently very fashionable and is widely believed to produce the finest red wines of Portugal. Extensively planted in the Portugal's northern Dao and Douro wine regions, the variety is a key ingredient in both dry red wines and the fortified wines of Oporto (Port).

In many ways, Touriga Nacional is Portugal's answer to France's Cabernet Sauvignon. Both varieties display bold dark-fruit flavors, often with hints of spice, leather and violet. Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional has firm tannins, is expressive as a varietal wine and shows great aging potential. As a blend, though, it really comes into its own, which is fortunate in Portugal where blends are de rigueur.

Touriga Nacional Grapes

In Douro, Touriga Nacional is extremely important in the production of Port, even though it makes up just a tiny fraction of the grapes grown there. Here it is blended with up to 80 other varieties (the Port blend is nothing if not complex), the most important of which are Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Tinto Cao. Many vineyards in Douro are co-planted, and it is not uncommon for a grower not to know for sure what is growing in the vineyard.

Before phylloxera devastated the vineyards of the Iberian Peninsula, Touriga Nacional was much more widely planted. It is said at one time to have covered around 90 percent of the vineyard area in Dao, but due to its low yields it was largely replaced with more-productive varieties. Modern clones of Touriga Nacional, which number in the hundreds, are more generous with their yields, and improved viticultural techniques have helped to increase the variety's commercial viability without compromising its character.

In Australia, Touriga Nacional is known simply as "Touriga", but in California this abbreviation generally refers to the variety's offspring, Touriga Franca. The Australians were producing Port-style wines long before Shiraz gained traction as a dry table wine and it makes sense that Touriga Nacional has been turned to with quality Australian expressions of dry wine in mind. Yarra Yering's Dry Red No. 3 is a notable example of Touriga Nacional's role in New World wine.

Synonyms include: Mortagua, Preto de Mortagua, Azal Espanhol.

Food matches for Touriga Nacional include:

  • Grass-fed sirloin steak (dry)
  • North African goat tagine (dry)
  • Chocolate or custard tart (fortified)
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Most Popular Touriga Nacional Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Vinha do Fava Touriga Nacional, Vinho Regional Setubal Peninsula, Portugal Setubal Peninsula 5,963rd 87 $12
Quinta do Vallado Touriga Nacional, Douro, Portugal Douro 9,884th 91 $32
Convento da Gloria Reserva Touriga Nacional, Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa 10,540th $12
Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional, Douro, Portugal Douro 10,944th 92 $66
Quinta do Noval Touriga Nacional, Douro, Portugal Douro 11,254th 91 $37
Fitapreta 'A Touriga Vai Nua' Unoaked, Alentejo, Portugal Alentejo 17,683rd 89 $23
Caves Sao Joao 'Porta dos Cavaleiros' Reserva Tinto, Dao, Portugal Dao 19,570th 87 $27
Quinta da Pacheca Grande Reserva Touriga Nacional, Douro, Portugal Douro 20,936th 89 $29
Quinta do Vale Meao 'Monte Meao' Vinha dos Novos, Douro, Portugal Douro 21,565th 92 $37
Quinta da Pellada Carrocel, Dao, Portugal Dao 21,933rd 91 $80
Lavradores de Feitoria 'Estrada', Douro, Portugal Douro 23,240th 88 $11
Quinta dos Aciprestes Reserva, Douro, Portugal Douro 23,240th 90 $17
Caves Sao Joao 'Porta dos Cavaleiros' Tinto, Dao, Portugal Dao 26,900th 85 $17
Quinta do Noval 'Noval Black' Port, Portugal Ruby Port 28,239th 88 $21
Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Grande Reserva Classico, Douro, Portugal Douro 29,017th 91 $62
Herdade do Arrepiado Velho Tinto, Alentejo, Portugal Alentejo 29,640th 88 $13
Santo Isidro de Pegoes Adega de Pegoes Touriga Nacional, Vinho Regional Setubal Peninsula, Portugal Setubal Peninsula 30,901st 88 $13
M. Chapoutier Pinteivera Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 31,600th 88 $33
Quinta dos Carvalhais Touriga Nacional, Dao, Portugal Dao 35,549th 89 $39
Arnot-Roberts Rose, Lake County, USA Lake County 35,982nd 90 $29
Caves Dom Teodosio 'Cardeal' Reserva, Dao, Portugal Dao 36,399th 86 $15
Quinta de S. Jose Reserva Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 39,980th 90 $31
Quinta de Lemos Touriga Nacional, Dao, Portugal Dao 40,526th 90 $31
Caves Velhas Prestige Alma Grande Touriga Nacional Reserva, Douro, Portugal Douro 42,277th 88 $13
M. Chapoutier Eleivera Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 44,183rd 88 $15
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