Grape Varieties I-J Jurancon Blanc

Jurancon Blanc Wine

Jurançon Blanc is a near-extinct white wine grape variety from Gascony. Even at its peak the variety was never widely grown, but by the turn of the 21st Century it was planted in only a few tiny pockets of vineyard in South West France.

Despite its name, Jurançon Blanc is not grown in Jurançon, and it is not a color mutation of Jurançon Noir. (DNA studies have suggested it is a natural cross of Folle Blanche and the obscure variety Pruéras. The potential is there to confuse the variety with a white wine from the Jurançon region.

Theoretically, Jurançon Blanc is still allowed in Cognac and Armagnac blends. However the tiny area of plantings means that it is rarely included.

Synonyms include: Brachetto Bianco, Notre Dame, Quillard, Sans-Pareil, Secal.

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