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Irsay Olivér

Irsay Olivér

Irsay Olivér is an early-ripening Hungarian grape variety. It was first bred in 1930 by crossing the table grapes Pozsony and Pearl of Csaba.

Irsay Olivér was originally intended as a table grape, but it has since been used to produce varietal and blended white wines in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Austria.

It has pungent aromas, reminiscent of some Muscats, but with more spicy and occasionally vegetal flavors. It is a low acid variety that is almost uniformly produced as inexpensive wine.

Synonyms include: Irsai Oliv 0233r, Muskat Oliver.

Food matches for Irsay Oliver include:

  • Creamy chicken stew with paprika
  • Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and bacon
  • Fish tacos
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