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Herb and Spice Liqueur

Aromatic herbs & spices

Herb and Spice Liqueurs constitute one of the sub-categories of the broad liqueur family, one which came out of the monasteries of Europe where, over the centuries, monks developed herbal remedies for various ailments. Many herb and spice liqueurs still bear the name of monastic orders from which they originated.

Herb and spice liqueurs are one of the most intriguing categories of liqueur as in many cases the recipes are a closely guarded secret, handed down from generation to generation. One of the most famous examples is Chartreuse; it is claimed that there are 130 different herbal extracts in the blend and only four people worldwide know the recipe. At the other extreme is crème de menthe, in which peppermint is the only flavor agent used. Other famous herb and spice liqueurs include Campari, Fernet Branca and Jägermeister.

Both sweetness and bitterness feature in different types of herb and spice liqueurs. Some styles taste medicinal and earthy, while others may show vanilla, cinnamon and other sweet spices. This diversity makes them a versatile component of the cocktail library.

Herb/Spice Liqueur cocktails:

  • The Last Word – Chartreuse with gin, lime and maraschino
  • St-Germain Cocktail – St-Germain with sparkling wine and soda
  • Negroni – Campari with gin and vermouth

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Most Popular Herb and Spice Liqueur

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Grand Marnier Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur, France France 2,468th $217
Chartreuse V.E.P. Verte Green Liqueur, Isere, France France 4,529th $134
Tong Ren Tang Hu Gu Jiu-Tiger Bone Liqueur, Beijing, China China 5,309th $49
Vana Tallinn Authentic Liqueur, Estonia Estonia 7,000th $16
Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequila Liqueur, USA USA 7,090th $28
DOM B&B Benedictine Liqueur & Brandy, Normandy, France Normandy 7,718th $37
Millefiori Cucchi Liqueur, Italy Italy 8,193rd $27
Suze Liqueur, France France 8,408th $24
Jagermeister Winterkrauter - Spice Cinnamon & Vanilla Herbal Liqueur, Germany Germany 8,480th $20
DOM Benedictine Liqueur, Normandy, France Normandy 8,707th $36
Minttu Peppermint Liqueur, Finland Finland 8,933rd $17
Latvijas Balzams Rigas Melnais - Riga Black Balsam Liqueur, Latvia Latvia 9,336th $23
Chartreuse Verte Green Liqueur, Isere, France France 10,051st $57
Sorel Artisanal Liqueur, New York, USA New York 10,402nd $31
Stumbras 'Zalios Devynerios' 999 Green Nines Liqueur, Lithuania Lithuania 10,898th $12
Tatratea Distillery 72 Outlaw Tea Liqueur, Slovakia Slovakia 11,096th $31
Jan Becher Original Becherovka Liqueur, Carlsbad, Czech Republic Czech Republic 11,254th $21
Zwack Unicum Riserva Liqueur, Hungary Hungary 11,400th $37
Licor Beirao, Portugal Portugal 11,643rd $16
Berliner Luft Pfefferminzlikor, Germany Germany 13,047th $12
Selvagem Catuaba Liqueur, Brazil Brazil 14,310th $1
Bisleri Ferro-China Liqueur, Italy Italy 15,130th $19
Tatratea Distillery 52 Original Tea Liqueur, Slovakia Slovakia 15,389th $29
Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, San Francisco Bay, USA San Francisco Bay 15,573rd $44
Koskenkorva Valhalla Herb Liqueur, Finland Finland 16,150th $17
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