Honey, the essence of mead

Honey is used in small number of alcoholic beverages, either as a base ingredient or a sweetening flavor enhancer. Wine-Searcher places a varied selection of honey-flavored products in this category.

Until the discovery of cane sugar, honey was one of the very few sweeteners available, and was considered an indulgent luxury. Only the rich and powerful could spare honey for use in the production of beer and wine, and even then it was used primarily to improve the flavor of weak ales.

Mead is the most prominent example of a product fermented from honey. The honey is first mixed with water and sometimes grain mash (from which it is separated following fermentation) and the resulting liquid is then allowed to ferment. Click on the previous link for more information on Mead and closely related beverages, plus lists of products.

Honey liqueurs are quite distinct from mead and are most often made from a grain-spirit base sweetened with honey. Note that while honigwein is a German term for mead, in English it is more likely to mean a flavored wine. Users may, however, find a mead (labelled as honey wine) in the products below.

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Most Popular Honey

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Bee d'Vine Honey Wine Brut, California, USA California 3,131st 92 $50
Bee d'Vine Honey Wine Demi Sec, California, USA California 5,228th $50
Suktinis Midaus Nektaras - Mead Spirit, Lithuania Lithuania 25,733rd $22
Bunratty Meade, County Clare, Ireland Ireland 54,217th 86 $18
Brotherhood Winery Sheba Te'J Honey Wine, New York, USA New York 60,525th $15
Valenzano Winery Pumpkin Spice Honey Wine, New Jersey, USA New Jersey 66,931st $11
Honeyvine White Wine with Natural Honey, USA USA 66,931st $10
Willie's Distillery Montana Honey Moonshine, USA Montana 84,408th $39
Valenzano Winery Jersey Devil Honey Wine, New Jersey, USA New Jersey 110,527th $15
Von Jakob Vineyard Honey Blush, Illinois, USA Illinois 127,670th $15
Heidrun Meadery California Orange Blossom, California, USA California 143,406th $23
Vcelovina Premium Honeywine Original Liqueur, Slovakia Slovakia 143,406th $19
Cactus Jack Tequila Sours Honey, South Africa South Africa 151,977th $8
Distillerie Poli Miele-Honey Liqueur, Italy Italy 151,977th 87 $34
B. Nektar Meadery 'Dragons Are Real' Honey Wine, Michigan, USA Michigan 161,608th $48
Redstone Meadery Traditional Mountain Honey Wine, Colorado, USA Colorado 161,608th $21
Oliver Winery Orchard Stand Strawberry Honey Wine, Indiana, USA Indiana 172,943rd $12
Redstone Meadery Honey Wine with Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon Sticks, Colorado, USA Colorado 186,470th $22
Prairie Berry Winery Raspberry Honeywine, South Dakota, USA South Dakota 186,470th $19
HoneyRun Elderberry Honey Wine, Central Valley, USA Central Valley 186,470th 82 $15
Bagamel 'Medromel' Licor de Mel, Algarve, Portugal Algarve 202,527th $12
Sky River Honey Wine Ginger Honey Wine, Washington, USA Washington 202,527th $21
StillTheOne Distillery Comb 9 Dry Gin, New York, USA New York 222,207th 88 $34
The Hardware Distillery Co. Bee's Knees Peachy Keen Spirit, Washington, USA Washington 222,207th $58
Fable Farm Fermentory 'Betula' Honey Wine, Vermont, USA Vermont 222,207th $22
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