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The Portuguese Red Blend is a flexible term used to describe the numerous and varied compositions of blended red wines made from indigenous Portuguese grape varieties. Portugal is famous for the fortified Port wines of Douro, but also notorious for having hundreds of different grape varieties planted within its borders.

It used to be said that even Portuguese growers didn't know what they had planted in their vineyards. This may still hold an element of truth, but since Portugal's entry to the European Union in 1986, the country has undergone a huge viticultural revolution. This has included systematically identifying the varieties and clones grown in each vineyard, and focusing attention on those grapes better suited to producing more quality wine.

Blending red Portuguese wine

Varieties such as Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz (Portugal's name for Tempranillo) are relatively well known and frequently produced as varietal wines, although blended red wines are much more common. The workhorse varieties Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca are typically joined by any number of regional specialties such as Castelao, Sousao, Trincadeira das Pratas, Baga, Alfrocheiro Preto and many others. The international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are also included in red wine blends with increasing frequency.

Traditionally, these wines have been labeled according to the region in which they were grown, rather than the varietal composition of their contents. However, blending practices in Portuguese wine are not as overwhelmingly complex as they once were, and modern labeling conventions have helped to demystify the country's winemaking. Wines that were at one time simply labeled Douro or Dao will now often contain some text on the rear label explaining the bottle's composition and proportions to the consumer.

Food matches for Portuguese Red Blends include:

  • Cozido a Portuguesa (pork and beef stew)
  • Chilli con carne with rice and cilantro
  • Fried morcilla (black pudding)
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Most Popular Portuguese Red Blend Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Quinta do Vale Meao Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 436th 94 $120
Cartuxa Pera Manca Tinto, Alentejo, Portugal Alentejo 968th 92 $453
Casa Ferreirinha Quinta da Leda, Douro, Portugal Douro 2,319th 92 $50
Quinta do Crasto Vinas Velhas - Old Vines Reserva, Douro, Portugal Douro 2,344th 91 $35
Casa Santos Lima 'Stones & Bones', Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa 2,622nd 88 $12
Van Zellers VZ Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 2,670th 90 $25
Herdade do Esporao 'Esporao' Reserva, Alentejo, Portugal Alentejo 2,728th 90 $21
Cartuxa Evora Colheita Tinto, Alentejo, Portugal Alentejo 2,754th 89 $25
Alvaro Castro 'DAC' Tinto, Dao, Portugal Dao 2,796th 89 $16
Quinta do Vallado Reserva Field Blend, Douro, Portugal Douro 2,952nd 92 $40
Casa Ferreirinha Reserva Especial, Douro, Portugal Douro 2,962nd 92 $214
Lobo e Falcao Tinto, Vinho Regional Tejo, Portugal Tejo 3,749th 86 $12
P+S Prats & Symington Post Scriptum de Chryseia, Douro, Portugal Douro 3,771st 90 $24
Quinta do Crasto 'Crasto', Douro, Portugal Douro 4,010th 88 $16
Quinta do Vale Meao 'Meandro' Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 4,080th 89 $25
Casa Santos Lima 'Confidencial' Reserva Tinto, Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa 4,195th 89 $11
Casa Santos Lima Colossal Reserva, Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa 4,236th 88 $12
Silk & Spice Red Blend, Portugal Portugal 4,246th 89 $12
Wine & Soul Pintas Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 4,276th 93 $98
Quinta do Crasto Vinha Maria Teresa, Douro, Portugal Douro 4,890th 93 $229
Broadbent Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 5,540th 89 $12
Quinta do Vale D. Dona Maria Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 5,623rd 91 $56
Alves de Sousa 'Abandonado' Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 5,836th 92 $89
Casa Santos Lima Red Blend, Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal Estremadura - Lisboa 5,852nd 88 $9
Niepoort Batuta Tinto, Douro, Portugal Douro 5,909th 91 $70
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