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?lahtina is a white-wine grape indigenous to Croatia's coastal region of Primorska Hrvatska and is now grown exclusively on the island of Krk. It is the island's most planted variety by far, despite the grape traditionally being used for eating. The variety's name is derived from the Slovenian zlahten, which means "noble".

?lahtina is high yielding and produces large, juicy berries that are able to ripen to high sugar levels, which explains why it is a popular table grape. Its wines offer soft and subtle flavors of lemon and other citrus fruits, apple and pear. Its texture is also soft and round. ?lahtina wine tends to be low in alcohol, tannins and acid, which makes them light, refreshing and easy drinking. They are best consumed in their youth, although ?lahtina grapes of the highest quality are suited to wine destined for barrel maturation and ageing.

?lahtina is suited to the production of both still and sparkling white wines. 

Synonyms include: Vrbnicka ?lahtina, ?lahtina Bijela, Zlajtina.

Food pairings for ?lahtina include:

  • ?kampi na buzara (Croatian shrimp stew)
  • Mozzarella and fig salad
  • Pasta with rocket and chilli
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Most Popular Zlahtina Wine

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Zlatna Vrbnicka Zlahtina, Croatia Croatia 83,227th $8
Katunar Zlahtina, Croatia Croatia 147,652nd 88 $8
Ivan Katunar Zlahtina, Croatia Croatia 158,445th $6
Toljani Zlahtina, Island of Krk, Croatia Primorska Hrvatska 206,727th 87 $7
Sipun Zlahtina, Island of Krk, Croatia Primorska Hrvatska 232,208th 88 $8

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