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Zéta is a wine-grape variety from Hungary – the result of crossing Bouvier with Furmint. Its primary use is as a blending component in the sweet wines of Tokaj. Originally named Oremus, the grape was renamed Zéta after the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet (which subsequently became Z, the final letter of the Roman alphabet).

It belongs to a roster of grapes developed by viticulturist Dr. Ferenc Király in Pecs, southwest Hungary. Zéta's stablemates include the likes of Zefir, Zenit, Zeusz and Zengo.

Zéta's original name lives on today in the Oremus-branded Tokaji wines produced by Spanish-based firm Vega Sicilia.

Zéta is far from a core ingredient in Tokaji wines, however, and is regarded more as a curiosity than a mainstay in local vineyards. It is used almost exclusively in the region's famous sweet wines, but some winemakers have also experimented with using it to make dry wine styles.

It is still occasionally made into a varietal dry white wine, characterized by aromas of green apple and pear.

In the vineyard, Zéta performs best on heavier, clay-based soils such as those often found around the banks of Tokaj's Bodrog and Tisza rivers.

Synonyms include: Oremus.

Food pairings for Zéta wines include:

  • Lekváros bukta (Hungarian jam-filled sweet rolls)
  • Sticky rice with mango
  • Panqueques celestino (crêpes and caramel cream)
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Holdvolgy Intuition No. 1 Tokaji Zeta Szamorodni, Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary Tokaj 187,160th $30

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