Albillo Krimskii (Rachuli Tetra) Wine

Albillo Krimskii (or Rachuli Tetra) is grown predominantly in the Georgian Republic, mostly in Ambrolauri in the western part of the country. High sugar levels mean that the grape variety is often made into a semi-sweet varietal wine with flavors of peach. Soft, fruit-driven dry styles are also made.

The variety is possibly related to northwestern Spain's Albillo grape variety, although the link is unproven. Krimskii, on the other hand, translates as "from Crimea". The grape is also grown here – mainly for fortified wine styles – and in Azerbaijan.

Synonyms: Rachuli Tetra, Ratchuki Tetra, Tsulukidzis Tetra, Tsulukidze Tetra, Albillo de Crimée, Albilo Kostelyano, Crimea's Albulio, Albilio Krimski

Food matches for Albillo Krimskii include:

  • Stewed green tomatoes
  • Kaffir lime-wrapped chicken skewers
  • Pasta with chili and olives

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