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Ives is a Vitis labrusca grape variety used in the production of sweet red wines. It is named after Henry Ives of Cincinnati, Ohio, who grew it in the Ohio River Valley in the 1850s, but these days it is grown in volume only in New York State. As a wine, Ives has a sweet, grapey flavor and is well suited to the production of Port-style wines.

On the vine, Ives produces medium-sized clusters of black-skinned grapes. It is a relatively low-yielding variety and is vulnerable to mildew and many other diseases. The berries are very sensitive to ozone and do not respond well to heavy canopy pruning.

Synonyms include: Bordo, Kittredge.

Food matches for Ives include:

  • Sausage and chicken gumbo (dry)
  • Dark chocolate gateau (fortified)
  • Mature blue cheese (fortified)

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Wine Name
Avg Price
Johnson Estate Winery Ives, Lake Erie, USA Lake Erie - New York 93,172nd $10
Post Familie Vineyards Ives Noir, Altus, USA Altus 116,622nd $8

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