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Increase your visibility and get the word out about your store. We can pick up your prices direct from your website, and display your products in search results without you doing a thing. That way you can focus on growing your business in store. Alternatively you can send us a price list, and we'll upload it.

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  • You must be in the Wine Trade e.g. merchant, store, auction house, winery, producer, broker or wholesaler.
  • Your business should have a website, or at least a price list, that Wine-Searcher can publish and share online.
  • Products in your price list should be in stock and be available for sale to the public at the price on your list.

What our clients say

It took quite a bit of courage to set up our first store, buy our stock in, and get our prices right… Uploading our pricelist to Wine-Searcher opened up a whole new world of people looking for wines like ours.

— Kim & Kingsley's Rosé Bar

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Want to know how to get the most out of Wine-Searcher? Check out the Advice page. Find out
the basics of how Wine-Searcher works, and learn how to make your listing look great.

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We help wine businesses thrive

  • A listing on Wine-Searcher increases your brand awareness.
  • Your offers will be findable all over the internet.
  • It's easy to attract new customers.
  • Keep track of competitors.
  • Boost your search ranking on Google and on Wine-Searcher.
  • Let Wine-Searcher help grow your customer's knowledge of wines and spirits, grapes and regions, food pairings and Critics reviews.

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Wine-Searcher gives you the flexibility to sell online at no cost to you. Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to promote your list and get priority in search results.

  • More web traffic
  • Get priority in searches
  • Daily updates of your price list

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