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Bottle (750ml)
Kopke Vintage Port 2007

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Bottle (750ml)
2012 Kopke Vintage

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Bottle (750ml)
Kopke _ 1995 - Vinatge Port _ 750 ml.,, Oporto, Portugal

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Bottle (750ml)
Kopke _ 1997 - Vinatge Port _ 750 ml.,, Oporto, Portugal

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Bottle (750ml)
2016 Kopke Vintage Port, Red, Portugal, Duriense, Douro - Porto

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Half Bottle (375ml)
Kopke Vintage Port 2011 375ml

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Bottle (750ml)
Kopke Vintage Port 1991

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Bottle (750ml)
1937 Kopke Vintage Port
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About the Product

  • One of the top wines from Vintage Port that people are searching for. In addition, this wine has been getting more popular over the past year.
  • This is more affordable than many wines from Vintage Port. The price has been stable over the past year.
  • This wine is hard to find.

Avg. Price (ex-tax)$302 / 750ml
Region / AppellationVintage Port
Country Hierarchy Oporto [Port], Douro, Portugal
Grape / BlendPort Blend Red
Food SuggestionChocolate and Caramel

Analytical Data
StrengthFortified Wine

Port Blend Red

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Port Blend Red

Red Port is blended together using a number of grape varieties. The precise identity of these, and the proportion each represents in the final blend, may not be known even to the winemaker. For some growers in the Douro region of Portugal, the ambiguity over what is in their fortified wines is no...

Vintage Port

Learn more
Vintage Port

Vintage Port is the most expensive and prestigious member of the Port family. Though accounting for just a fraction of total Port production, Vintage Port is the Douro's flagship style, attracting attention and speculation the world over.

A Vintage is "declared" in only the best years, when both...

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91 / 100
43 Scores
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Critic Reviews

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2017 Vintage
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2016 Vintage Tasted: Jan 2018
Touriga Nacional (50%), Old mixed vineyards over 50 years old (50%). Arguably the darkest, most saturated colour of the four Sogevinus 2016s tasted, chocolaty, dark and brooding on the nose, meat-stock and a dark berry fruit coming through. Darkly-fruited palate, a real sense of tannic grip here, drying the mouth with concentrated black fruit essence, but there is a little violetty note here too, suggesting it has more to give. Could well be the wine in this line-up to benefit most from ageing. 91g/l of residual sugar.
1992 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2014
Mittleres Granat, aufgehellte Frabe, breitere Randaufhellung. Karamell-sü?e Nuancen, rotes Waldbeerkonfit, zart bl?ttriger Anklang. Mittlerer K?rper, gut balanciert, integriertes Tannin, sauber und ausgewogen, unkomplizierter Stil.
1995 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2014
Kr?ftigess Rubingranat, Ockerreflexe, dezenter Wasserrand. Sü?er Vanillehauch, reife Pflaumen, würzig, zart nach schwarzem Tee. Gute Komplexit?t, dunkle Beeren, pr?sente, eingebundene Tannine, kraftvoll und mineralisch im Nachhall.
2017 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2019
2017 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2019
2016 Vintage Tasted: Feb 2019
2016 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2018
2011 Vintage Tasted: May 2014
2011 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2013
2011 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2013
2011 Vintage Tasted: Jan 2013
2007 Vintage Tasted: Jul 2011
2007 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2009
2007 Vintage Tasted: Dec 2009
2005 Vintage Tasted: Jan 2009
2003 Vintage Tasted: Apr 2006
1995 Vintage Tasted: Apr 1998
1994 Vintage Tasted: Apr 1997
1991 Vintage Tasted: Jul 1994
1985 Vintage Tasted: Jan 1990
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3.5 / 5
36 ratings

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2016 Vintage    Bronze  ·  The TEXSOM International Wine Awards
2005 Vintage    Silver  ·  International Wine & Spirit Competition
2005 Vintage    Silver  ·  Vinalies Internationales
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