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The Alpine Wines of Alto Adige

The clean, crisp wines of Alto Adige are gaining a reputation for quality as well as affordability.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Saturday, 04-Jul-2020
Gina Gallo: Pushing Forward

Gina Gallo: Pushing Forward

The Gallo Signature Series contains wines with deep roots in the past but a forward-facing outlook.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Monday, 10-Apr-2017
Spotlight On Gloria Collell Of Mia Wines

Q&A: Gloria Collell of Mia Wines

Gloria Collell is a winemaker for Spain’s Freixenet, a winery best known for sparkling wines. She is relishing making the newly launched Mia wines.
By Wine-Searcher staff in association with Mia Wines | Posted Monday, 11-Aug-2014
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