The Battle of Champagne versus Champagne

Champagne's spat with Russia is a case of the region getting a taste of its own medicine.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Friday, 16-Jul-2021

Why Aren't There More 100-point Wines?

Although wine-making has never been better, getting the top score is no mean feat.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Saturday, 26-Jun-2021

Time to Stop Cellaring Wine

Is it time to puncture wine's most sacred myths? Oliver Styles thinks so.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Monday, 14-Jun-2021

The Other Aromas of Winemaking

The harmonious blend of sweet fruit and spicy oak isn't the only bouquet associated with winemaking.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Monday, 17-May-2021

Brexit Batters British Wine Trade

Shipping wine to the UK is now a "bloody nightmare" and it's only likely to get worse.
By James Lawrence | Posted Monday, 26-Apr-2021

Spurrier Shines on Somm TV

The Somm TV subscription service may be a little one-note, but one program stands head and shoulders above the rest.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Saturday, 03-Apr-2021

Wine's Aversion to Gossip Kills the Buzz

Wineries are great at telling carefully concocted marketing stories, but what about dishing the real dirt?
By James Lawrence | Posted Monday, 15-Mar-2021

What's the Problem with Wine Influencers?

We recently ran a piece decrying the pointlessness of wine influencers; Sophia Longhi presents an alternative view.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Wednesday, 17-Feb-2021

The Monotony of Wine Monopolies

Does the good community work done by alcohol monopolies truly make up for the lack of choice?
By Natalie Sellers | Posted Tuesday, 09-Feb-2021

Swallowing the Reality of Natural Wine

Despite all the heated debate, isn't it time we accepted that natural wine is here to stay?
By Oliver Styles | Posted Tuesday, 26-Jan-2021

Imagining an End to Wine Tariffs

Joe Biden is in the White House, but what does that mean for an under-pressure wine industry?
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Friday, 22-Jan-2021

The Incurable Plague of Wine Influencers

Even Covid can't kill off the infestation of shameless self-promoters on social media.
By James Lawrence | Posted Monday, 18-Jan-2021

Matching Wine with Social Media

A couple of glasses of wine and an open global forum might sound like fun, but it really isn't.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Saturday, 16-Jan-2021

Changing the Rules on Natural Wine

Is there any chance mainstream wine writers will stop attacking natural wine on principle? Probably not.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Saturday, 09-Jan-2021

Wine's Problem with Old, White Men

A New Zealand wine critic's attack on a natural winemaker has left a sour taste.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Saturday, 12-Dec-2020

The Morality of Buying Expensive Wine

An English preacher has questioned the prices some people pay for wine, but does he have a point?
By Oliver Styles | Posted Sunday, 29-Nov-2020

Whatever Happened to Old-Fashioned Chardonnay?

Some people love the new style of taut Chardonnay, but others miss the voluptuous fruit bombs of old.
By James Lawrence | Posted Monday, 02-Nov-2020

Saying Goodbye to the Glass Wine Bottle

Is it time to farewell glass and find better ways to serve wine? Oliver Styles is open to persuasion.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Sunday, 25-Oct-2020

Who Judges the Wine Judges?

Are our wine decisions being made by right people and for the right reasons? History may tell us.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Sunday, 18-Oct-2020

UK Wine Industry Steps into the Unknown

After more than four years of stuttering starts, Brexit finally looms as a reality for the British wine trade.
By James Lawrence | Posted Tuesday, 13-Oct-2020

The Great Wine and Pizza Challenge

Can we strike a balance between slavishly following tradition and trying new things? Let's start with pizza...
By Oliver Styles | Posted Monday, 05-Oct-2020

Time to Kill Gender Stereotypes in Wine

Do you get annoyed when wines are compared to women? Or to men? If so, you're not alone.
By Vicki Denig | Posted Saturday, 03-Oct-2020

Whiskey's Sexism Row Misses a Trick

Accusations of sexism by a noted whiskey writer has raised questions about propriety, but relevance is the key.
By Don Kavanagh | Posted Sunday, 27-Sep-2020

Smoke Taint Looms Large for California Wine

Smoke damage – or the perception of it – will be front of mind for producers and consumers.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Wednesday, 26-Aug-2020

Battling the Shame of the Rosé

Are rosé wines inherently inferior, or is it a case of outright discrimination?
By Oliver Styles | Posted Sunday, 09-Aug-2020

Child's Play Choosing a Wine Cellar Favorite

Patience is the key when it comes to opening the favorite wine from your collection.
By Don Kavanagh | Posted Sunday, 26-Jul-2020

The Terrible Persistence of Celebrity Wine

Celebrity cuvées aren't going to go away, so should wine writers accept that fact and move on?
By Oliver Styles | Posted Tuesday, 14-Jul-2020

The Agony of Opening Your Favorite Wine

With tongue near cheek, Tom Jarvis discusses the hopes and fears around opening the best wine in his collection.
By Tom Jarvis | Posted Friday, 03-Jul-2020

Wine Should Say Goodbye to Blind Tasting

It's the de facto way to asess wine, but is it time to dump the brown paper bags and blindfolds?
By Oliver Styles | Posted Saturday, 20-Jun-2020

Time for US Wine to Follow the EU

A European move towards ingredient labeling on wine should be enthusiastically taken up by American producers.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Sunday, 24-May-2020
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