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Uco Valley: Winemaking on the Edge

Thirty years ago, winemakers looked beyond Mendoza; today Michelle Williams finds them pushing the limits of altitude and ripeness.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Tuesday, 06-Oct-2020

India's Unique Spirit Blossoms in the Bottle

Although whiskey is by far the most popular drink in India, a unique native spirit hopes to change things.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Friday, 02-Oct-2020

Tuscan Wine Marks Pilgrims' Progress

A small winery in Tuscany is home to a historic visitor from centuries ago.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Sunday, 13-Sep-2020

Winemakers Still Fighting the Clone Wars

It's a topic that divides winemakers, but few consumers ever think about – clonal selection.
By Kathleen Willcox | Posted Saturday, 12-Sep-2020

Wine's New Alcohol Balancing Act

The swing away from the overly alcoholic wines of the past may have gone a little too far.
By James Lawrence | Posted Wednesday, 09-Sep-2020

The History of Wine's Changing Flavors

What did Romanée-Conti taste like 200 years ago? Unrecognizably different, Alex Russan discovers.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Tuesday, 01-Sep-2020

Why We Still Need Classic Barolo

With single-vineyard Barolos grabbing all the limelight, we shouldn't ignore the blended version that built the region's reputation.
By Tom Hyland | Posted Sunday, 30-Aug-2020

Paying Homage to Burgundy's Baby Jesus

It's a wine born of legend and, as Tom Hyland discovers, the reality lives up to the myth.
By Tom Hyland | Posted Thursday, 09-Jul-2020

The Cost of Drinking Wine History

Mathematician and enophile Neal D. Hulkower reflects on some legendary wines – and what he can still afford.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Sunday, 28-Jun-2020

Opening a Winery in the Face of Covid

He worked at Screaming Eagle and Petrus and made wine for celebrities, but the pandemic provided the real challenge.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Friday, 26-Jun-2020

Climate the Latest Challenge for Burgundy

The changing climate will see changes to many traditional wine regions – and grand cru sites won't escape.
By James Lawrence | Posted Thursday, 18-Jun-2020

A Black Winemaking Revolution in the Making

As Black Lives Matter protests drive more business to black winemakers, some wonder if a change is going to come.

By Kathleen Willcox | Posted Wednesday, 17-Jun-2020

Finding Love Among the Grapevines

It's a charming love story, but not a conventional one – much like the resulting wines.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Tuesday, 26-May-2020

Clean Power of Pisa Trumps Chianti

It's the Italian wine region few have ever heard of, so how can it be better than Chianti?
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Saturday, 02-May-2020

Size Matters: the World of Wine Bottles

Background reading for a database project unearthed some some nuggets of wine trivia.

By Tom Jarvis | Posted Monday, 27-Apr-2020

Napa's Own Game of Thrones Story

Her backstory is like something from the epic TV show, but Paula Kornell isn't quite Sansa Stark.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Friday, 24-Apr-2020

The Editor and the Wine Competition

Our US editor was in Europe just before the pandemic to judge a wine competition. It didn't end so well.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Thursday, 16-Apr-2020

A Timely Wine Tonic from Deepest Patagonia

US editor W. Blake Gray discovers an unexpected pleasure while tasting wine from an unlikely source.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Sunday, 05-Apr-2020

LaBarge's Controlled Quest for Wine Perfection

Pierre LaBarge's resume includes a year working at cult producer Sine Qua Non, but he follows his own path.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Saturday, 14-Mar-2020

The Relentless Rise of Restaurant Wine Margins

Restaurants have always made a good profit on wine, but how much is too much?
By James Lawrence | Posted Saturday, 29-Feb-2020

Head for the Mountains: Busch Now Making Wine

The scion of a famous brewing family has shifted focus to make wine in Santa Barbara County.

By W. Blake Gray | Posted Wednesday, 19-Feb-2020

The Other Wine Balancing Acts

A new generation of wine professionals is in pursuit of different kinds of balance.
By Vicki Denig | Posted Saturday, 08-Feb-2020

The Unlikely Making of a Winemaker

Oliver Styles recounts the first part of his tale of the life-changing experience of becoming a winemaker.
By Oliver Styles | Posted Thursday, 06-Feb-2020

2020 Vision: This Year's Anniversary Wines

Celebrating a significant birthday or anniversary this year? Stuart George looks at the pick of the available wines.
By Wine-Searcher staff | Posted Sunday, 19-Jan-2020

France's Hybrid Wine Future

The home of the noble grape varieties is becoming more open to the idea of genetic variation.
By Caroline Henry | Posted Sunday, 05-Jan-2020

Sustainable Wine? Or Just Greenwashing?

So-called sustainable wine regions often allow synthetic pesticides, so just how green are they?

By Kathleen Willcox | Posted Saturday, 04-Jan-2020

Putting the Brine in Wine

When we talk about salinity in wine, is there a salty element to winemaking?
By Vicki Denig | Posted Thursday, 02-Jan-2020

Making the Case for Négociant Burgundy

Small isn't necessarily always better when it comes to winemaking, especially in the hallowed vineyards of Burgundy.
By Vicki Denig | Posted Sunday, 29-Dec-2019

The Bedrock of Great Wine

Limestone's influence on wine flavors is well known, but what about granite? Does it have any effect on wine?
By Margaret Rand | Posted Saturday, 21-Dec-2019

Douro Valley: Hot Climate, Cool Wines

Famed for its fortified and warm-climate reds, Portugal's star region is changing.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Tuesday, 26-Nov-2019
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