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Reports, valuations, and real-time connections that use Wine-Searcher’s data.

Grow your business with our data

Wine-Searcher’s global wines and spirits data is updated daily. It combines trend-data collected from enthusiasts searching for their favorites and pricing data from stores uploading their latest offers.

Wine-Searcher reports help businesses support today’s online sales. Gain market insights from the largest price and location data set in the wines & spirits industry.

Understand how available market share, changing consumer behaviour and product pricing impact your business with Wine-Searcher’s reports:

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API data for your
website or app

Use a Wine-Searcher API to add pricing and wine knowledge to your own website or app.

An API can supply all kinds of information around a wine or spirit, including the minimum price on sale, the average price, the maximum price, and even a quality score.

Add a Custom Search Box or a Link

Connect your brand to Wine-Searcher. Add a custom search box to your site to let customers know when they can find your wines. Or embed a link to search results and pricing, or detailed information about grapes and regions.

Professional Valuations

Know what your cellar is worth. Valuations for collectors, insurers and businesses buying and selling wine and spirits.

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