Min. & Max. Prices
The minimum and maximum wine prices shown in various places on the site are calculated using 'topped and tailed' data, with the top and bottom 10% removed (drawing from a larger pool of data than the average prices).

Most Expensive & Cheapest Prices by Region
These lists are ordered by average price. To be included on the "Most Expensive" and "Cheapest" lists on the Wine Region pages, a wine must have at least five offers.

Market Data
A wine's average Wine-Searcher price is not static – it reflects changes in market trends and is updated daily. The changes in price over time are available on the Market Data tab when you search for a wine. The trends are shown over two years, or five years for PRO?users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are average prices different from what I see in my search results?
There are three reasons you may see a variation:
  1. Taxes are always excluded from average prices, but not always from merchants' prices.
  2. Our average prices are calculated from a 'topped and tailed' data set, with the highest and lowest 20% removed.
  3. If you are using the free version of Wine-Searcher you are viewing only a partial set of results.
Are average prices calculated across all countries, or just the country I specified in my search?
Average prices and price ranges are calculated for each wine, for each vintage and for each country. So if you have selected the United States, we will show you the average price for the wine from merchants located only in the United States.

I'd like to work out the average price of my wines. Can you help?
Yes! With a free account or PRO subscription, you can use our wine valuation widget, the Cellar Calculator.

Average prices are used by wine investors to monitor the increasing value of their stock over time. For information about this see Wine Prices and Wine Investment Advice.