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Price Check API

Know today's selling price.

Add the power of on-demand price checking into your business.

Price Check API can be scaled to meet your business needs, so whether you want to check 10 prices, or 1,000, it can handle them all.

Price Check

  • Minimum Price
  • Average Price
  • Maximum Price
  • Region
  • Grape
  • Wine-Searcher aggregated critic score
500 calls / day
$250 / month
1,000 calls / day
$400 / month
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$1850 / month
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Marketplace API

Know where your sales come from.

Integrate daily price updates from stores into your own pricing flow and keep your team, or your customers, in the know. Marketplace API shows lowest price offers from sponsor stores. First 24 offers only.


  • Merchant name
  • Vintage
  • Price
  • Merchant description
  • Physical address
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Bottle size
  • Merchant link
500 calls / day
$250 / month
1,000 calls / day
$450 / month
5,000 calls / day
$2000 / month
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If you're looking for more in-depth information or code, please go to our API Developers page.

An API key is required to authenticate with our API. It is a quick & simple process. Sign up for an API key and get started.

Important information

The API will return a list of product names, prices and other data matching your search phrase. The list is limited to those products currently available to free-for-use Users from merchants in our database.

Please note that the API plans are for queries, not successful matches. Wine-Searcher is not able to return a response if the query cannot be matched to a wine name in our database.

You are required to give Wine-Searcher attribution for the data used in your application. Wine-Searcher does not allow relicensing or reselling of data. For existing customers, please see our terms and conditions for more details on relicensing and reselling.

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