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Connect with your target audience

The daily go-to for a global audience.

Advertising on Wine-Searcher showcases your brand to consumers and the drinks trade.

Ads on Wine-Searcher show as consumers are searching to buy.

Ads show on the first page of search results or on regions and styles detail pages.

Targeting data is refreshed daily with the latest consumer search and buying activity.

Choose from display ads or sponsored-links. For merchants and retail stores, we also offer sponsored listings.

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210 Million
Searches per year
4.7 Million
Monthly Active Users (MAU)*
Household income above
Google and Wine-Searcher analytics 2020
Promote your top 10 deals!

Highlight your top 10 offers with a promo code or sales message every month.

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Display ads that get your brand in front of shoppers
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Ads on Wine-Searcher show as consumers are searching to buy.

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Three different display formats to choose from: premium rectangle, wide skyscraper and billboard.

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Set up a key word or geo campaign and if it matches with the search, your ad gets displayed to consumers.

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Targeting like this gets your product message to new audiences and grows sales

Decide on your keywords, budget and reach. Campaigns can be live within 24 hours.


Closely targeted

Target keywords or brand names


Geo targeted

Country, state or city campaign


Broad reach

Worldwide campaign

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Be in the news with our weekly newsletter

Display ads at the top and bottom of the weekly newsletter

Every week the newsletter is shared to 20,000+ subscribers and to Wine-Searcher’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Make the front page

Be in the news with a sponsored article based on your newsworthy content

Up to 1500 words, with images and links, produced in association with Wine-Searcher’s editorial team.

Posted on the global home page of

Lead article for a day, in our news feed for a month, and permanently catalogued in our archive.

Shared to Wine-Searcher’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Includes one month locally targeted ad campaign of 150,000 impressions.

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“ Our Bordeaux and Burgundy wine sales are a core part of our business. The campaigns on Wine-Searcher let us reach new customers in new countries. ”

Media Director, Sotheby's, London

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Wide Skyscraper
160 x 600 pixels
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970 x 250 pixels
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Tall Mobile | Newsletter
640 x 200 pixels
Ad-serving software
DoubleClick. All material provided must be compatible with this platform. No expandable formats allowed.
Audio and video
Not supported.
Destination URL
Must open in new tab.
File size
Files should be web-optimized and no larger than 100KB.
Campaigns are Cost-Per-1000 impression (CPM). Minimum budget is $500 per campaign.
We recommend at least a 7 day campaign duration to give your ads better results.